Jackson Child Care Academy

Welcome to Jackson Child Care Academy

Our child care programs are designed for children in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

Safe, Nurturing Child Care

Safe, Nurturing, Learning Environment
Our Child Care Academy is a structured environment that provides a safe and nurturing program for children of working parents.

Dedicated Staff

A dedicated staff of certified teachers and paraprofessionals create rich and rewarding experiences filled with age-appropriate activities, homework assistance, and warm and positive caring relationships.

Enriching Program

Children are involved in small group learning activities while forming positive relationships that promote growth and achievement. You can be assured that the Child Care Academy offers the best possible influences for your children in a warm and stimulating environment.


Jennifer Kinsella Community Service Coordinator (Pre-School Program)

PH: 732-833-4684 or Email: jkinsella@jacksonsd.org

Julissa Rodriguez (Switlik, Elms, Holman and Middle School)

PH: 732-833-4637 or Email: jrodriguez@jacksonsd.org

Michele Shpak (Johnson, Rosenauer and Crawford-Rodriguez)

PH: 732-833-4647  or Email: mshpak@jacksonsd.org

OFFICE FAX NUMBER: 732-833-4681

151 Don Connor Boulevard Jackson, NJ 08527